With an unwavering dedication and a results-driven approach honed over a three-decade career, I bring a unique blend of experience, with a decade spent in state government and another as an elected municipal official. My passion lies in fostering effective government, constituent, and business relations. Demonstrating a consistent track record of success, I excel in overseeing operations, managing budgets, delivering exceptional service, and enhancing operational efficiency.

My expertise extends to a profound understanding of government regulations and policies, navigating intricate intergovernmental relations successfully. Collaborating seamlessly with contractors, project managers, architects, engineers, and regulatory agencies, I’ve effectively managed municipal infrastructure projects.

With 13 years as a facility manager in educational, retail, and commercial spaces—spanning single and multiple locations—I am committed to creating exceptional working, living, and recreational environments for employees, residents, tenants, and customers.

I firmly believe in the transformative power of technology to enhance customer service, mitigate risks, boost employee satisfaction, and reduce operational costs in the government sector. Leveraging both existing and emerging technologies is crucial for streamlining government operations, and I take pride in contributing to extensive modernization projects in state government. While change can be challenging, my adeptness in employing change management techniques has enabled me to guide organizations through the process, assisting them in envisioning the desired future state and navigating transitions effectively.