Tissue Seizure Raises Specter of Tainted Medicine

An investigation is underway following the seizure in Ukraine of a minibus containing packaged human tissue bound for Germany.
Biologics are medical products manufactured from tissue such as bone, skin, arteries and ligaments harvested from cadavers. They are used in a wide range of procedures, from treating psoriasis and back pain to burns, knee and spinal surgery to dental implants.
The minibus was bound for Tutogen Medical GmbH, a processing facility owned by RTI Biologics of Alachua, Fla. A review of federal contracts shows RTI has supplied biologics to Department of Veterans Affairs and Defense Department hospitals around the world. See the whole article… http://www.military.com/daily-news/2012/08/23/tissue-seizure-raises-specter-of-tainted-medicine.html

27. August 2012 by Chris
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